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The Orbit stage was originally designed by Mr George Wemyss  way back when the Cold War was upon us. Originally designed for use as aircraft hangars and storage facilities for our military so they were able to withstand both high and low temperatures and wind speeds. We own two of these structures, coupled with our bespoke decking system (Kwikform steel) that is as strong as you will ever get, able to withstand 7.5 tonnes per square metre, it also provides serious ballast for the roof itself, being bolted together through every arch makes things very sturdy. We  don't need a flat surface to build your stage, sloping just about any angle, any rough terrain, and even in lakes and rivers if you need it!  We don't need a crane to erect this stage, so if you have a tight working area or a need to preserve your grass then this stage lends itself very well indeed, giving you the covered space within budget while still being strong enough for your band's demanding lighting and sound requirements.


The width is 15.6 meters and the depth will vary depending on how much backstage area you need, though each arch is 3.6m apart with a "D" end at the rear giving an extra 15.6m x 7.2m of space. PA wings and other structures like ramps,  side sheds, front of houses and disabled viewing platforms are also provided. Multiple access / egress allows great roll on roll off working practices with multiple doors over 8 feet wide that operate with zips for ease of use.


There are no straight lines in nature, and nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a dome structure such as an Orbit Stage roof, tried and tested for the last 30 years as a solid and trustworthy system that your lighting and sound engineers will feel safe with.



Chillfest 2013
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The first project of the 2013 season for us. Very heavy winds and hail during build but we got there with a day to spare ahead of production schedule!


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So many people say The Orbit Stage systems owned by Trust Events is the best design for outdoor stages.


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